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ForteReg.com Terms and conditions


Comprehensive Terms of Service
Scope of Terms & Condition.

1. The Terms and conditions of service and use of ForteReg.com website is hereby outlined including present and future web content service based development offered by ForteReg.com. This also includes other services and value which may be offered by ForteReg.com from time to time by ForteReg.com for use with your ForteReg.com account individually or corporately referred to as “Service”.

2. At ForteReg.com, the service is legally open to individuals who are at least 18 years old as at the date of registration, and also to minors who have relevant proof of parental consent and guidance on use of the site. We advise that you read all Terms and Conditions of Service before signing on to our service.

3. Each person or persons, corporately or collectively is or are solely responsible for the contents, information of smartphones, Tablets or gadgets saved in their ForteReg.com account. As a condition to use ForteReg.com account, you hereby affirm to ForteReg.com that information, documents or data stored on ForteReg is in NO way false, fraudulent or malicious and you will not abuse our service or use our service in a manner that is considered unlawful by the state law or prohibited by the Terms and Conditions and notices. The Service is open to individuals only for personal use.

4. ForteReg.com expressly forbids and prohibits any unlawful use of this service or its resale. By registering on ForteReg.com, you have therefore agreed to be bound by the outlined terms in this Service Agreement. If you do not agree, DO NOT USE THIS SITE.

5. Should users violate the terms of use of service as provided in the service agreement, ForteReg.com reserves the sole right and discretion to immediately terminate service without cause or notice.
Users are also advised to check the terms and Condition of service from time to time as ForteReg.com reserves the right to review, revert and update the terms of service in line with improvements in our services with or without prior notice to Users.


ForteReg.com is a web based solution provider focused in sales of Smartphones, building a responsible society through networking, Social responsibility promotion and quick intervention in replacement of lost smartphones ("Lease Contract") open to both "Basic" and to "Partner" members of ForteReg community.

ForteReg users and the general public are given free access to the website and the web Application ("Mobile App") when they are fully registered on the site. From now thereon, the access to the service is solely limited to data usage, storage, management and protection of data and personal content which may be accessed via the web on computers, laptops, tablets and internet enabled Smartphones.

ForteReg.com reserves the right to advertisement on interactive pages of the website, web pages and Mobile App, and users must understand and agree that the ForteReg service is and may include advertisements on user pages, and that these adverts are necessary for ForteReg to provide and sustain the Service.

ForteReg.com reserves the right without notice to include in its service some type of communication such as Newsletters, announcements and administrative messages. Users must understand and agree that these service communications are relevant to improvement of services offered by ForteReg.com

By clicking "Submit" during registration, users hereby agree that they are individually and or corporately responsible for obtaining access to the website by registering with proper identification information, and also agree that they (the users) are responsible for update on personal profile pages, and asset list, deletion and addition of assets, and update of asset status/report.

The users will be enabled to use the ForteReg.com Service via the internet through a internet service provider (ISP) or airtime fees solely at a discretionary additional cost which is solely borne by the user including but not limited to bearing the cost of equipments used to access the services on ForteReg.com

Users of ForteReg.com Service, by clicking "Submit" agrees that the technical processes and the transmission of ForteReg.com Service including content of registered users may be sent globally through various networks subject to changes in global best practice.

ForteReg.com is not an illicit site and therefore strongly and legally prohibits posting of pornographic materials and x-rated contents. ForteReg.com therefore reserves the right to terminate or suspend service of any individual or and corporate persons who indulge in such nefarious activities on ForteReg.com

ForteReg.com is not a Ponzi scheme, it is not affiliated with global Ponzi scheme operators. Hence the rewards being given out to "Partner members" are solely based Sales and Advertisement points earned by the member while helping to build the ForteReg community.

ForteReg.com is an Internet-based business (focused on Phone/Tech Lease Contracts and Theft deterrent Campaign) that uses the Internet to send and receive certain types of electronic communication. You agree, as soon as you sign on as a member or partner, to be bound by Internet regulations, policies and procedures.


ForteReg.com reserves the right to terminate your access to the service or services at any time without prior notice if at any time it is found or established that you are engaged in fraudulent activities that could jeopardize the integrity of this site or the users, and or you are found to be using this site to carry out unfair business activity, spamming and in other activities that violates the rights of other users on this site, the safety & integrity of this site or the Terms and Conditions of our service.

ForteReg.com deserves the right to termination your access to this site due to non compliance with the terms and conditions of use of this site and you agree that ForteReg.com would not be held liable for this action nor be liable to you or your third party for termination of your access to this site.


ForteReg.com is socially responsible.
In line with the Age restrictions, Rules and Regulations provisions of the law concerning age limits for internet restriction, ForteReg.com sets it Age restriction limit at 18 as at the date of registration on ForteReg.com

ForteReg.com , without notice, reserves the right to terminate any account that is found or established to have violated our Age restriction/Regulations provisions.

ForteReg.com has the right to reject every membership application seeking to join the ForteReg community but are not up to 18 as at the date of registration.

Such applicants who are not up to 18 as at their last birthday but seek to join the ForteReg community, must show proof of parental consent duly communicated to ForteReg.com and approved by ForteReg.com before they can proceed to register.


Signing on to ForteReg.com is pretty easy and simple. When you have signed on, ForteReg.com offers you a platform to input details of your valuable assets, information and thereafter saving said information and details on our database.

Members are completely responsible for getting access to ForteReg.com, maintaining the confidentiality of the access such as passwords and account and content management such as assets details, pictures and information management on user profile. Members are solely advised to always log off their accounts once done with updates.

If your account is by any means compromised, you are advised to immediately send a mail to: helpdesk@fortereg.com
ForteReg.com does not guaranty success in the recovery of your data, contacts, notes and call records, but we would do everything within our technical ability to help restore service back to any of our members who loses his or her account as a result of “Data Breach”.

ForteReg.com shall not be held liable by you or your third party for breach of security, loss of data or content in any case arising from internet hacking activities, data harvesters or the occasional crash of server due to circumstances beyond our control.

ForteReg.com shall not be held liable if a user of this site loses money and other items of immense monetary value as a result of not being able to confidentially manage account log in details, data information and its content resulting to data breach by external influences.

Information and details of data made available through or in ForteReg.com may be inaccurate or contain errors. ForteReg.com continues to make amends, upgrades and improvements bringing changes to the services we render with or without prior notice to members.

ForteReg does not guaranty an error free service, bugs or occasional malfunctions, but we guaranty continuous update to ensure that our services are free of elements which may compromise the security and usage of the website and contents provided and saved on our database.

ForteReg provides this service “as is” and does not guarantee the use of Services provided on ForteReg’s platform, or does not guarantee that the materials, information or documents provided within the Service, are accurate, without error, or reliable. Therefore, ForteReg.com, makes no warranty or covenant in any obligatory manner in regards to the availability, documents, information, reliability, or timeliness of the Service.

Information and details of Smartphones, Tablets and other gadgets saved on ForteReg is solely done by the users, ForteReg does not interface with such information other than warehouse information for future reference purposes, therefore ForteReg cannot be held responsible for false information or incomplete information, photograph or documentation submitted by any user of ForteReg.

Information submitted by users of ForteReg are as is and never edited by ForteReg, therefore we bear no liability if by any chance a user is misled or defrauded via our site, however we imply all user to exercise caution and restrain in exchanging monies with other users, agents and staffs of ForteReg.com as ForteReg.com would bear NO liability towards any user for claims of compensation for loss or otherwise.

ForteReg.com bears NO liability if a member or a user(s) of this site is found & established to be in possession of stolen Smartphones, Tablets and other gadgets that may have been traced through ForteReg.com

ForteReg.com has the right to release information and details we have about you, including your picture (where available) to the law enforcement agencies if we establish that releasing such information would help in resolving issues regarding or arising from ownership of gadgets, smartphones, tablets laptops or other items whose serial number, chassis number or IMEI information as saved on ForteReg.

ForteReg.com has the right to share details of your information with relevant law enforcement agencies if we establish that sharing such information would help protect you or help to legally stop members of the public from being misled, defrauded or put in harms way as a result of using this site or in effort to protect the integrity and confidentiality of this site, including its content and members.

ForteReg.com, by discretion, has the right to institute legal actions against you if at any time it is found or established that you have violated the terms and conditions of this site, put the integrity or this site at jeopardy.

If ForteReg.com takes legal actions against you as a result of your violation of our terms and conditions, you agree that ForteReg.com would be entitled to recover from you all attorney fees, legal fees and reasonable sundry fees involved in bringing legal actions against you in addition to any other relief legally granted to ForteReg.com by the court of competent jurisdiction.

11. Government Laws and Regulation.

By signing on to ForteReg.com, you understand and agree that what ever issues that has to do with dispute resolution, phone ownership resolution, Identity and other legal issues that may arise from the use of this site, would be resolved according to the Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria under a court of competent jurisdiction as deemed fit by ForteReg.com and you shall not object to or challenge the jurisdiction or venue of such court.


ForteReg.com does bear any liability to you or your third party in regards the safety of your Smartphones, Tablets, laptop computers, desk top computers, cars and its accessories, and other gadgets whose information you may have registered and saved on ForteReg.com

ForteReg.com would not be held liable by you or your/any third party if it is discovered that you had registered on this site with false identity information, saved information of stolen items on this site thereby deliberately or non-deliberately violating the terms of use of this service, by placing the integrity of this site in serious jeopardy.

ForteReg.com, without prior notice, would not hesitate to terminate any account that is established to have been created with false Identification, false contact information and a pseudo names and telephone numbers thereby constituting a security risk both to ForteReg.com, users of this site and to the general public.

ForteReg.com might, based on legal advice and opinion, suspend, terminate, or deactivate any user account and also take legal action against a user(s) who have registered on ForteReg.com with false identification information, pseudo names and telephone information, users who have registered information of stolen items or items that cannot be proven or genuinely traced to the user in whose account information of such items had been saved.


By signing on to use this site, you agree that the choice of this service is solely at the discretion of the user.
In the case of Lost but found items, ForteReg.com only provides an internet based platform enabling users who have lost their items the further chances of recovering the lost item.

You agree that ForteReg.com does not guarantee the return or recovery of lost or stolen items by any means or procedure, and would not be held liable if in the distant time, the lost/stolen item is not recovered.

You agree that ForteReg.com owes you or your third party no obligation in recovery of lost or stolen items whose information are saved on ForteReg.com, and would not pay for items lost or stolen or not recovered in any circumstance.

You agree that you and your third party are solely responsible for the recovery of your lost or stolen items using the platform provided by ForteReg.com as an enabling tools search for these lost/stolen items.

In Asset recovery procedure, you agree that ForteReg.com would engage the law enforcement agencies in dispute resolution as soon as your lost/stolen item is reportedly sited by a third party or members of the public and reported to ForteReg.com

You agree that ForteReg.com does not have further identification information regarding you or your third party other than information we have in our database duly filled and submitted by you or your third party via the internet form filled out during registration. Therefore, ForteReg.com is not liable to legal procedures or otherwise required to prove the authenticity of your identity if it becomes contentious at any point in time in the course of investigation of the ownership of a recovered item.

You agree that you would provide necessary documentation as would be deemed fit by law enforcement agencies in order to help a speedy resolution of ownership crisis that may arise when a lost or stolen item is recovered within or outside the ForteReg network.

Your agree that in recovering your items as it were, ForteReg.com does not set prize money and does not reward nor pay ransom money for lost items returned by a good Samaritan.

You agree that ForteReg.com does not meddle in negotiation, dispute resolution concerning a lost/stolen smartphone or gadget/item being returned to the parties in dispute.


Advertisers are hosted on ForteReg.com, and it is hereby advised that your correspondence and or business dealings with any of this third party advertisers or their agents is solely done at the discretion of the users and ForteReg.com owes NO one any obligation of safety of product delivery, quality or timeliness.

You agree that dealing with advertisers whose products and services are advertised on ForteReg.com is of no consequence to ForteReg.com whatsoever and it is purely between you and the advertiser and at your own risk.

You agree that ForteReg.com shall not be held liable for any loss of money or damage to property or material as a result of business dealings with any person or group of persons who advertise on ForteReg.com


By signing on to become a member or own membership account, you hereby agree to the terms and conditions of the service rendered by ForteReg.com and also agree that ForteReg and its staffs, directors, agents, affiliates, shareholders, successors, investors and subsidiaries cannot be held responsible for any third party claim, demand, or damage, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, arising out of your use of the Service on ForteReg.com

By signing on to become a member of the ForteReg community, you agree to indemnify ForteReg.com against any law suits, legal claims, attorney fees, legal proceeding charges by any third party claims that may arise by your actions during the use of this site.

By signing on to become a member of the ForteReg community, and subsequently saving the information of your gadgets, Smartphones, tablets and other Assets you deem fit to be on this site etc, you agree that ForteReg.com does not have prior knowledge (Physical and Technical details) of your smartphones, tablets, laptops and other gadgets you seek to register on this site and therefore you agree to indemnify against legal claims, law suit instituted by any third party regarding the legitimate ownership of the said registered/saved gadget/smartphone/tablet information.

If it is established at anytime that you had registered/saved the information of stolen Smartphones/phones, gadgets, laptops, tablets, cars and its accessories, you agree that ForteReg.com shall not be liable to be subpoenaed as a co-defendant in a law suit in any court of law within and outside the country.

You agree that ForteReg.com shall release and share relevant information to the law enforcement agencies if such information sharing would help in legally resolving the issues around the status of such items which hitherto had earlier been declared or reported stolen by a third party.

16. ForteReg BUY and SELL

ForteReg has provided a platform to enable registered members who wish to sell their new or used gadgets do so without any third party.

Users of his site and other members and the the general public are generally transacting businesses on this platform solely at their own risk. ForteReg does not get involved in the sale or sale negotiation between seller and buyer.

Members and the public should note and understand that Fortereg does not fix prices of items sold on its website or currently displayed on its website. Prices are fixed by the sellers without due consultation with ForteReg.com

By signing on to use this site as a registered member, you agree that ForteReg.com would not be held liable for the quality of products/items displayed for sale on this site.

Members and the public should note and understand that Fortereg does not receive commission or receive money on behalf of sellers or buyers of items displayed for sale on its website.

Members and the general public should note and understand that sellers are solely responsible for what they display and buyers are solely responsible for what they are buying.

Members and the public should note and understand that entering into a buyer-seller relationship is solely at their own discretion and that of other users. Fortereg.com does not guarantee the character of the sellers or buyers in this instance and will not be responsible for any displayed characters and as such warn absolute discretion when dealing with anyone online.

ForteReg.com advises that registered members and the public should not part with their money unless they have physically inspected and are satisfied with the details of the items they want to buy and are in possession of same item before paying. Therefore, ForteReg.com would not be held liable if any user(s) is dispossessed of items fraudulently.

ForteReg.com will not be held liable if a stolen item is fraudulently registered and sold on its website by fraudsters. We advise buyers to be very vigilant and exercise due diligence in dealing with both sellers and buyers alike.

ForteReg.com advises that buyers demand for sales receipt for every items purchased and keep copies of such receipts in a safe place for future references. ForteReg.com would not be liable if there is breach of trust and fidelity of item/products being exchanged via this site.

ForteReg.com advises registered members and the general public to beware of fraudsters who may take advantage of them by advertising items for sale either at ridiculously low prices or even at regular prices.

ForteReg.com does not guarantee that every items registered on the website is not stolen, items registered by users are seen as is and ForteReg.com does not interfere with information registered on its website. (See privacy policy). So ForteReg.com advises strict diligence in buying displayed items and in dealing with individuals who display items for sale.

Fortereg.com does not have any personal relationship with registered members and the general public. Information provided on ForteReg.com are as is and viewed as is. We do not have any way to verify or investigate members who are registered on Fortereg.com

ForteReg.com will not bear any liability if anyone, third party or any member of the public is scammed or defrauded via www.fortereg.com
So we advice strict due diligence when dealing with anyone online and report every suspicious seller or buyer to the nearest law enforcement office/officer.

ForteReg.com advises against release of personal credit information to anyone online as we do NOT and will NOT at anytime request your personal credit information for whatsoever reasons.

Members and the general public should note that ForteReg.com is not a platform for fraudulent activities and does NOT encourage fraudulent sales of items and will not hesitate to deactivate any account reported to be involved in fraudulent activities on ForteReg.com

17. Fortereg Mail Services.

ForteReg mail is only for exchange of information between registered members.

Members should note and understand that ForteReg.com does not see content of mails exchanged on its website.

Members and the public should note and understand that ForteReg.com will not hesitate to deactivate any account reportedly involved in abuse or fraudulent activities. Members of ForteReg.com must note and understand that this mail service does not support fraudulent mails, and will not permit sending of spam mails to other members using fortereg.com as a platform.

ForteReg advices members to keep securely their log in details so as not to lose it as ForteReg.com cannot and will not be responsible for recovery of log in details and mail contents.

ForteReg re-iterates that it will not hesitate to terminate without prior notice the membership account of any member found culpable of violating other members’ privacy of space.


ForteReg.com reserves the sole right to without prior notice to it's users, review, make amends, remove, add and make certain changes in its Terms and Condition of Service to reflect the current status, Vision and quality of service.

ForteReg.com also reserves the right to send notifications of such changes but not mandatorily obligated as it were to carry out this function and as such advise that members read through the Terms and Condition status from time to time to be well abreast of changes that would have been made in the time past.

You agree that continued use of the service provided by ForteReg.com shall constitute your consent to such changes.

19. ForteReg CONNECT.

By signing on to use the services on ForteReg.com,

You agree that ForteReg Connect applies only to members who are Resident in Nigeria. If you are applying to get a replacement Smartphone or buy a brand new smartphone, you must be resident in Lagos, other locations would be updated as times goes on.

You agree that ForteReg.com would do their due diligence on security check on your Identity, place of work, contact details (Home and Office), Telephone Numbers, verification of issued repayment checks, remuneration, other details you have provided in your application form and also determine and advice on the budget of a Smartphone or Tablet or Laptop you could apply for.

You agree that ForteReg.com is not liable or compelled by any law or provisions to offer the exact brand, type, color or model of Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop you had reported lost or stolen, but you will comply to choosing from the different range and model of Smartphones being offered by ForteReg.com or affiliate phone dealers.

By signing on to use the services on ForteReg.com as a "Basic member", you agree that ForteReg.com would not be held liable if you lose or misplace your smartphone or have the screen of your smartphone broken, damaged or unresponsive.

You agree that ForteReg.com "Basic Membership" service is FREE and does not offer any Reward whatsoever to "Basic Membership" users or their third party in case of loss of Smartphones or screen damage of phone/tablets/laptops registered on the site.

You agree that as a "Basic Member", when your smartphone is lost, you are at liberty to apply to purchase a Brand new Smartphone from ForteReg.com based on "Lease Contract" and you agree that you would abide by and fulfill the terms and conditions of the "Lease Contract" before and after the Smartphone has been supplied.

You agree that as a pre-requisite condition, you must have been a member of the ForteReg community and must have registered the IMEI or serial numbers of your lost items, tablets, smartphones and laptops on ForteReg.com for a minimum period of Six (1) Months prior to reporting it as "LOST, STOLEN OR MISSING" before your application can be considered and approved.

You agree you must have reported the loss of Smartphone/Tablet or Laptop also on the ForteReg portal as either "Stolen, Lost or Misplaced".

The Smartphones that would be sold to you would be brand new, registered as a Lease Contract Smartphone, and would be covered by 12 months factory warranty as issued by the manufacturer. You would agree that ForteReg.com does not and would not extent this "Warranty" beyond the set date as provided by the manufacturer.

You would agree that Smartphones sold and supplied to you by ForteReg.com are under factory warranty and you would not tamper with factory proof seals (If present) on the screws, phone parts, manufacturers labels as securely placed in the phones supplied.

You would agree that ForteReg.com is not liable to factory Warranty that applies to your smartphone or the smartphone sold and supplied to you by ForteReg.com but ONLY extends factory warranty as provided by the manufacturer to cover items and parts duly noted and expressed by the Manufacturers.

You agree that if you buy a Smartphone on "Lease", you will pay in 3 installments (applicable to Free members only) and between 3 to 6 installments (for Partners members) which would include additional fees as follows:
(a) Management fee (5%)
(b) Legal Fee (2%)
(c) Buy Back Fee (3%)
(d) Rent rate (15% for 3 months)
By subscribing to our lease contract program, you agree that ForteReg would charge a total of 25% as rental and administrative charges for the service being rendered and that these rates are subject to adjustment without prior notice to reflect the current market realities before contract is signed.

You agree that every Lease Contract Purchase attracts interest rates which is determined by ForteReg.com taking into consideration prevailing Bank rates, and changes in these rates could be applied without prior notice to the client prior to signing of the lease contract.

You agree that If a member who has already signed the Lease Purchase Contract agreement which stipulates payment over a period of time and have been supplied a Smartphone; and now wishes to clear his payment upfront 1 or 2 or 3 months into the contract, ForteReg.com shall bear no obligation to reverse agreement nor review total contract value as already signed in the Lease Contract Agreement.

You agree that ForteReg.com does not bear any obligation in helping you source for a Smartphone to buy, you are to seek for the brand, model, color and specification of smartphone you desire and get a proforma invoice addressed to ForteReg.com

You agree that as a "Basic Member" seeking the "Lease Contract Agreement for a Smartphone from ForteReg.com, you agree to provide all documentation as would be required by the management of ForteReg.com to include documents such as
(a) copy of Letter of employment,
(b) Police Report and Affidavit in case a phone is lost, stolen or missing.
(c) *A copy of credit bureau report*
(d) 3 posted dated checks to cover total amount/cost of the smartphone being supplied
(e) copy of your Staff Identity and a copy of your driver's license or International passport
(f) Letter of recommendation, sent either via email or hard copy, from your employer or referral to ascertain that you are currently a staff at your work place.

You agree that as a “ Partner" seeking the "Lease Contract Agreement for a Smartphone from ForteReg.com, you agree to provide all documentation as would be required by the management of ForteReg.com to include documents such as
(a) copy of Letter of employment,
(b) Police Report and Affidavit in case a phone is lost, stolen or missing.
(c) *A copy of credit bureau report* if available
(d) 3 to 5 posted dated checks to cover total amount/cost of the smartphone being supplied
(e) copy of your Staff Identity and a copy of your driver's license or International passport
(f) Letter of recommendation, sent either via email or hard copy, from your employer or referral to ascertain that you are currently a staff at your work place.

You agree that ForteReg.com is permitted by you, to carry out verification of documents submitted as part of our due diligence in other to protect ForteReg.com before a decision is taken on your application.

You agree that you will make a first time Equity down payment/committee fee as calculated by ForteReg.com and sent to you in the Lease Contract Package once you have signed the acceptance form accompanying the Lease Contract Package.

You agree to make funds available at your bank to fund the clearance of the posted dated checks as at when due and that if a check is bounced or rejected by your clearing bank due to insufficient fund, signature irregularities, it is a criminal offense punishable by law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

You agree that in case of a bounced check due to deliberate insufficiency of funds, deliberate signature irregularities, ForteReg.com shall proceed with legal and necessary action including legal proceedings, publication of your ID on National newsprint, reporting to law enforcement officers to recover either the funds or the items supplied and other damages that would include legal fees, attorney fees involved in the course of recovering either the items supplied or the funds.

You agree that if you violate or dishonor the terms and conditions of the "Lease Contract" agreement, ForteReg.com has the right to take legal actions that would protect ForteReg.com and other users of the site.

You agree that in purchase of brand new Smartphone based on "Lease Contract Agreement", you may chose from brands and models of Smartphones and Tablets made available to you by ForteReg.com and you are also at liberty to chose from other shop recognized by ForteReg.com such as SLOT, 3CHUB, Park & Shop etc.

You agree that buying a Smartphone on "Lease Contract Agreement" from ForteReg.com, the IMEI and serial and model numbers of the smartphone being supplied would be saved on the ForteReg.com Lease account until such a time when it is established that you have paid up outstanding balances and all posted dated checks cleared at the bank.

Without any obligation on the part of ForteReg.com, you agree that ForteReg.com has the sole right to reject or turn down your application for a "Lease Contract" if at the time of verification of documents you are found wanting in details of documents and information provided by you.

You agree that you shall co-own the item being supplied with ForteReg.com until such a time when you have finally settled outstanding post dated checks issues in post payment for the supplied item.

You agree that failure to pay up all outstanding fees/payment within the specified and approved time frame, would attract 10% Interest on the outstanding balance of payment required from the you "The Lessee" and must be paid within 30 days after expiration of the officially allowed date.

You agree that your failure to honor post dated checks issued by you or fulfill your financial obligations towards ForteReg.com as regards the Contract Lease Purchase of a Smartphone, ForteReg.com would take Legal actions against you in order to recovered the Leased smartphone with all the attendant cost of recovery.

It is important top note and you agree that in case of payment default, ForteReg.com would take necessary legal actions to recover, confiscate, keep in custody recovered smartphone until such a time when the debt arrears is paid of the case determined by a competent court.

19.7 "Partner Membership Lease Contract Agreement"
You agree that ForteReg.com "Partner Membership" class cost a non refundable one time fee of N2,500 Naira or $10 dollars.

You agree that fee of N2,500 (Two Thousand Five Hundred Naira) paid for the "Advanced Membership" registration are Non-Refundable.

You agree that you accent to and would abide by the terms and conditions that applies to ForteReg Connect and the network marketing strategy to its fullest.

You agree and understand that "ForteReg Connect" is not a Ponzi scheme, but a network marketing strategy aimed at getting more people enlisted and thereby creating the awareness needed to achieve its vision.

You agree that ForteReg.com uses the "ForteReg Connect" platform to track marketing achievements of "Partner Members" and their third parties.

You agree that ForteReg.com has the right to determine the reward system of ForteReg Connect and also to amend it without prior notice or consultation with members; to reflect the vision and mission of ForteReg.com


ForteReg.com is secured, encrypted and safe to use. It is also protected against internet bugs, hackers, malware and identity theft. Fortereg does not guarantee absolute security as hackers work round the clock to break into data and information warehouse worldwide. ForteReg.com will work relentlessly to upgrade security and ensure that the site is continually protected from any form(s) of security compromise or threat to ensure that user identity and data are fairly secured.

ForteReg.com advises users of this platform to adhere to the following and other relevant instructions.

1. To always ensure you demand and collect proper receipt for items purchased either from a shop or from an individual.
2. To always ensure you have a safe file where your receipts are securely and properly kept for record purposes.
3. When adding your asset/gadget information, we advice you save full IMEI or Serial number to avoid identity related issues, but if you do not want to reveal all serial/IMEI/Chassis/Engine numbers, you can use the last 6 – 8 digits of the IMEI numbers and ensure you have it written in your diary.
ForteReg.com does not bear any obligation regarding the way and method of information use.
4. Adding of gadget picture/photo is optional, but a working telephone number, it’s alternative and email address is very important. You can be contacted at the numbers when someone finds your missing item.

21. Dispute resolutions based on Governing Laws.

You agree that your use of this site is at your own will and risk. ForteReg.com in resolving disputes and matters concerning, relating to your use of ForteReg.com will be resolved in Nigeria according to the Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria under a competent court of jurisdiction.

You agree that in resolving disputes and issues between you and your third party, ForteReg.com would not be joined in the issues, dispute resolution as it were at any point in time.

22. Location of Operations.

ForteReg.com administration is run from within Lagos, Nigeria.

Other technical structures and configuration of the site may also be administered from other locations within and outside Nigeria.

The site can be accessed from anywhere in the world by anyone while complying with local applicable laws and internet data charges. However, not all products and services applies to all. The availability of products and services are based on approvals by the ForteReg.com management teams or products offerings by third parties and mobile supporting bands. However, hence you have full access to all service and products offered on ForteReg.com in Lagos, it may not apply to locations outside Lagos.

ForteReg.com in its discretion, reserved the right to limits and determine what service and product should be made available in various countries based on certain parameters that would be considered and analyzed by ForteReg.com

23. Agents and Partners.

ForteReg.com have not officially appointed agents, partners or representatives. Prospective members are advised to deal directly with people they are quite acquainted with and or could readily identify and relate on a personal or official basis.

ForteReg.com partners with Resellers who can buy a minimum of 5 Token Units at a discounted rate.

You agree that ForteReg.com would not be held liable if for any reason, any prospective member is dispossessed of registration fee in the course of signing on to become an Advanced member of ForteReg.com

24. Payments for Registration and Receivables.

ForteReg.com provides Registration Tokens called "ForteReg Token".

ForteReg Tokens can be purchased from any our designated stores across the designated states in Nigeria. See list of designated stores.

Members can also make payments via direct deposits to bank account or make bank wire transfer online via Mobile phones, Tablets and computers. See Account Details:
Bank: Fidelity Bank Plc.
Account Number: 401-122-3011
Account Name: fortereg.com

Once transfer is done, Send SMS to 0806-257-7743 with your full Name, Amount sent, Bank name and your Telephone number to email: accounts@fortereg.com

ForteReg .com advises you to not throw away, tear or discard your ForteReg Token until you are sure your Registration has been completed and duly confirmed through an email notification that would be sent to you once your registration is confirmed.

If you paid the sum of N2,500 to ForteReg.com account details, ensure you enter details of the payment information which includes Transaction Reference number or Teller number and amount as it were during Registration.

Members who did bank wire transfer to ForteReg.com bank account, should send details of transfer information such as Transaction Reference, Amount paid, Transmitting Bank and Name of Payee for quick reference and confirmation of payments.

By signing on to Advanced Membership, you agree that you enter the relevant details before submitting and you agree that your payment and registration would be confirmed and approved within 48 hours before you can have access to the services of the site.

Users agree that due to network issues which arises occasionally within Financial institutions ditto Internet connectivity, payments made through direct deposits or online bank wire may not be verified and confirmed within 48 hours as such rare situations may take more than 48 hours to resolve.

ForteReg.com does not take responsibility in contacting the transmitting bank to confirm payments made by prospective members via Bank wire and Direct deposits, prospective members agree to bear to a logical conclusion; the responsibility to follow up issues arising from payments they made that have but not reflected at the receiving bank.


25.1. You agree that Advanced members who want to buy a smartphone cash on "outright purchase" are free to do so at their own discretion and cost and at no obligation, financial burden extra cost to ForteReg.com However, you agree to the terms of purchase as it applies to Tax, VAT and cost Shipping or as may deem fit in purchasing and delivery of such item to the buyer.

You agree that a non refundable delivery cost of N1,000 applies to all purchases made and to be delivered within Lagos.

25.2. You agree and understand that ForteReg.com is a Leasing / Theft deterrent organization and does not stock mobile phones and other Information Communication Technology equipment for outright sale.

25.3. You agree and understand that ForteReg.com does not offer discounts to Basic members when or if he or she wishes to buy a brand new smartphone based on "Outright Purchase" cash payment arrangement from ForteReg or any third party smartphone dealer/shop.


Terms and conditions.

Ordering of smartphones based on lease contract is open to all, however, all customers must create a free account because the ForteReg registration number would be required as customers ID when ordering any item.

The following terms and conditions apply.

Customers must order items using their ForteReg membership ID.
Customers are required to submit via email, copies of verifiable ID like the drivers license, work ID.
Customers ordering items, must agree to issue posted dated checks covering the total amount as stipulated and detailed in the contract information.
Customers are required to submit home and office address, verifiable phone numbers.
ForteReg.com would be funding N50,000 component of the cost of the phone only.
Customers on free membership platform who wish to order smartphones whose prices are above N60,000 Naira, would be required to fund the balance of the initial cost of the phone/item as ForteReg would only be funding N50,000 part of the cost before processing.
Customers who are registered partners, will have unlimited access to funding for phones whose cost is above N50,000 but not above N100,000
Customers would agree that the phone ownership documentation would be the sole right of ForteReg.com until such a time when the customer “lessee” have completed lease contract payment after which original receipts of the phones would be handed over to the customer.
Customers are not allowed to sell or transfer the phone without notifying ForteReg or until such a time they have completed payment for the leased phone. Failure to adhere to this instruction, would attract litigation and possible recovery of the smartphone until the contract payment is duly completed.
Phones financed by ForteReg comes only with the manufacturers warranty. Fortereg.com does not issue additional guarantee. However, customers are at liberty to buy additional warranty on equipment, screen or relevant accessories as would be provided/offered by the manufacturer or the dealers.
Customers could either buy phones and other gadgets from our online store or get a proforma invoice from any shop or vendor recognized and listed by ForteReg.com


All forms of abuse should be reported without hesitation to email: abuse@fortereg.com
ForteReg.com will treat every report confidentially as a matter of necessity and also investigate such reports and allegations within the shortest possible time so as to take necessary step in addressing the issues of abuse being reported.


28.1 Note that any rights or permits not expressly granted herein are reserved.

28.2 ForteReg.com reserves the right to take actions that would protect the platform, our sales and operation and members of the platform and general public.

28.3 ForteReg.com reserves the Rights to make changes to our policy, operations, rates and delivery without prior notice to user of this platform.

ForteReg.com terms and conditions, all rights reserved. 2019.