Getting a Brand new Smartphone.

When you lose your smartphone, you surely can get a brand new device on a "Lease Contract Purchase" Agreement from which affords you a convenient payment plan of 2, 3, Or 4 months maximum.

Have you been registered on for the past 6 Months? If you have, great! You are eligible.

Both Basic and Advanced Members are eligible to apply for the Lease Contract Purchase to buy any Smartphone from if they lose their phone or desire to buy a brand new phone.

You are free to chose whatever brand and model of *Budget Smartphone you wish to buy, we will fund it as long as you have been a member of for at least 6 Months for Basic members and 3 months for Advanced members.

With ForteReg Connect, you get a brand new phone free of charge, N10,000 naira for replacement of your broken phone screen, a free brand new tablet. You get all these as you gradually build your downline by connecting with others.

Don't ignore this information, ForteReg comes handy when you least expect it.

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