FortReg Connect

ForteReg Connect

ForteReg Connect is an integrated partner tool designed to effectively reward our partners who work with us to make the network grow.

ForteReg Connect is built with a loyalty program designed to rewards partners of
As a partner with, you join hands with us to network for a better society, achieving rapid societal awareness and networking to achieve our vision.

ForteReg Connect is a modeled reward system which allocates different benefits at various levels of achievement.

To join the ForteReg Connect partnership program, you have to join as an Partner Member or do an upgrade to the Partner membership platform.

ForteReg considers it more appropriate to reward and appreciate our partners who help in building ForteReg community. Rather than spend several millions on advertisement, we deem it fit to reward members who partner with us to help grow ForteReg's Vision.

ForteReg Connect Partnership program is an optional; members could chose to remain as Basic members which is absolutely free.

Loyalty Reward Structure.

The ForteReg Connect has been structured to track your achievements as you partner with us. Every partner has an unlimited opportunity to earn 2.5% commission for every sales/contract they initiate and conclude effectively.