Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions. (FAQs).

These are questions asked and answered to help you understand our mission, vision, how ForteReg works and what you stand to benefit by coming on board.

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1. How do I register my gadgets and stuffs?
Only registered members can add their stuffs on
So the first step is to get registered and become a member. When you have registered, a verification email is sent to your email address, you are required to verify your email address by clicking on the link provided in the mail, and you are done. You can then log in to your profile page, click on add Asset, and add your gadgets and information.

In case of mobile phones, laptops, Mac books and tablets, the serial number and the IMEI number is what you need to registered gadgets.
For cars, trucks and bikes, the information needed are the vehicle registration number, engine number and chassis number.
If you are registering other items other than the above mentioned, please be sure to provide proper information as required.
On asset Status, you are required to indicate one of the following:

1. Asset still in Use by me.
2. Asset has just been stolen.
3. Asset is sold.
When you are done, then click on save and you are done.

2. What information do you need to add your asset/stuffs.

To registered your stuffs or asset on, you need information like the Serial number, IMEI number, MAC and ESN number in case of mobile phones (GSM & CDMA), for vehicle and parts, you need the vehicle registration number, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), Engine number and color, part number and serial number for vehicular parts like Electronic Control Module (ECM) a.k.a Brain-box etc.

3. Does this service serve as an insurance scheme or cover for my registered items.

This service does not serve as an insurance cover for your registered items. You are advised to always keep your items safe and secured so as not to misplace it or have it stolen.

4. What happens when my registered gadget is stolen?

When you lose your item or smartphone, you are advised to quickly log in to your ForteReg account, click on “view Assets” “click on Edit” and then update your status. You also click on “Report Asset” and send a report and then submit. This will highlight the Report at the home page so that everyone could see the new status of your stuff. Be sure to include the asset serial number or IMEI numbers and a contact mobile phone number where you can easily be reached.

5. Do I need to pay any fee for registration and for this service?

This service is absolutely free of charge if you are registering as a "Basic Member", but if you are registering as an "Advanced member" , you are required to pay a non-refundable membership fee of N2,500. It's a one time membership fee. For account details click on "How to Buy Token".

6. Will pay me any amount of money when I lose my already registered gadget/items. does not pay any form of fee either in form of compensation or refund. We do not take any responsibility for lost gadgets. However, depending on whether you are a Basic member or an advanced member, you are entitled to certain benefits.

(A) as a Basic member, you can apply for a brand new smartphone (to pay on a convenient installments) when you lose your phone, the condition is that you must have been a member for at least a minimum period of 6 months and your lost gadget's/Smartphone's IMEI already saved on our database. Without this, your application would not be considered.

(B) as an advanced member, you can also apply to buy a brand new smartphone when you lose your phone, the conditions are a little less stringent.

7. What does do to help me recover my lost item. is a global platform. What we do is to do electronic broadcast of your lost stuffs via email, and newsletters notifying other registered members and the general public of the loss of such item/gadget.

8. How secured is my gadget information and will it be made public?

The information about you and the content of your account is strictly confidential. NO one can view your information online. For anyone to view your status, he or she must have the serial number of one of your gadget/item in order to view the asset status only. In other words, you have to give someone your correct gadget IMEI/serial number before he or she can view the status (ONLY) online. So if you lost your gadget e.g a tablet, anyone who finds it has to search the status of the tablet on using the serial number. Once the serial number is inputted, it gives you the asset status which highlights details of the asset and your contact information of the owner.
Your privacy and personal/gadget information is perfectly secure as the site is secured with advanced security features within the industry.

9. Can I use one ForteReg account for all my gadgets?

Yes you can use one fortereg account for all your gadgets and also for the family.

10. Do I need to present my receipts when registering?

You do not need to present or send us your asset receipt, but we strongly advise that you get a secured file where you could file all receipt relating to your items, home electronic, phones, tablets, laptops, computers etc. It is always good to keep records, isn’t it?

11. When my lost asset is recovered, how do I get it back?

When your lost asset is recovered, is notified by whoever finds the item, we in turn notify you via sms and email. You can also be notified directly by the person who found it. In order words, you can meet personally with the person who found it or you could direct it’s delivery to our office address.

12. Do I need to pay money when my stuffs is lost and found and returned to me?

You do not need and would not have to pay any fee for items returned. However, if you had set a Return reward prize (which is optional), then the terms and conditions apply. (Please read up our Terms and Condition regards Lost but found reward prizes.)

13. What if I sold my gadget or stuff to a second party?

If you sell your registered gadget to a second party, you are required to also make changes to your Asset status indicating that you have sold the gadget to a second party. You could also delete the Asset information from your Asset profile.

14. Security Tips.

Security Tips:

a). Always ensure you demand and collect proper receipt for items purchased either from a shop or from an individual.
b). Always ensure you file a safe file where your receipts are securely and properly kept for record purposes.
c). When adding your asset/gadget information and do not want to reveal all serial/IMEI/Chassis/Engine numbers, you can use the last 6 – 8 digits of the numbers, or first 4 digits and last 4 digits of the numbers.
d). Adding of picture is optional, but a working telephone number is very important. You can be contacted at the number when someone finds your missing item.

15. What do I need to do in Reporting a lost gadget?
When reporting a lost gadget, be sure to give detailed description of the said gadget including serial number, color and IMEI numbers and finally your contact telephone numbers.

16. Is attaching of gadget picture & Receipt compulsory?

Attaching the picture of your stuff and its receipt is important, but optional. However, it is advised that you keep records of your receipts for future references.

17. Why do I need to register with my private email address?

Only your private email address (Not its password) is required when registering. The reason is because a confirmation email will be sent to your email address and it requires activation to certify that the registration is not initiated by a robot.

18. When I sell my asset/gadget, do I delete my asset/gadget information from my profile?

If you sold your gadget/asset to a second party, It is important that you have the asset/gadget details deleted.

19. When my found Asset/gadget is returned to me, do I have to inform the Police?

You can do so if you had previously reported to the Police about the loss of your asset/gadget.

20. I am a dealer in brand new Mobile phones and tabs, do I need to register my stock before sales?

Yes, you can register your stock before sales, it serves as a deterrent to those who might want to break and loot your store, but it is important that you delete details of any sold item after sales.

21. Do I need to use my personal email password when registering?

NO, you only chose any other password you can easily remember. You don't have to use password relating to your private email.

22. How many reward levels do I need to achieve?

There are only 4 reward levels throughout the circle.

23. What do I get in each level?

For level 1, you get a recharge voucher of N2000 any network.
For level 2, you get N10,000 to cover for your phone screen replacement, it's automatic irrespective of whether your phone/gadget screen is broken or not.
For level 3, you get a brand new Smartphone irrespective of whether you lost your phone or not.
For level 4, you get a brand new phone, tablet or laptop.

24. What is a downline and an Upline?

A downline are those who follow you in the ForteReg Connect platform, while you become their Upline once you have been followed by one or two persons.

25. How many followers do I need as my downline?

You only need 3 followers on your downline. After that, you cannot add anyone else, but you can pass prospective new members to the people you have in your downline.

26. Do I have to help people in my downline?

Yes, you are encouraged to help those in your downline, it would invariably boost you as their Upline and drive your achievement level even further. Every Upline is encouraged to help their downline, that is the connect needed to make everyone come on board.

27. What is ForteReg Connect?

ForteReg Connect is a network marketing program designed to reward members who refer and enlist new members. It is a marketing plan designed to reward each member according to achievements in the leadership board.

28. What happens after the 4th level?

After the 4th level, the system circles you out, your account becomes dormant, but your information remains intact. You are free to create a free account or create an advanced account if you want to repeat the ForteReg Connect program.

29. How do I know that I am in Level 1?

When you sign on as an "Advanced Member", you need to refer and sign on 3 members as your downline. When those 3 members sign on their 3 members, you will be in level 1 and the system would notify you.

30. How do I know what I am getting in Level 1?

The service executives from would contact you vie email and phone to notify you of your achievement and rewards you are entitled to.

Keep your gadgets safe, sign on today, live a convenient life....

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