About us

About us

ForteReg.com (FR) is a Global online Theft deterrent Portal. It's designed and built by a small team with global mission and a vision to create a better world.

The Mission: Our Mission at ForteReg is to create a Global portal of information, where you can save your Gadget information (like the Serial Number, IMEI number) as a member so as to primarily deter thieves from stealing them, and in the long run significantly deterring Global gadget/items Thefts and illegal resale.

Our Vision at ForteReg.com is to see a Global environment that will be significantly free of gadget theft and resale.

To a large extent, this initiative is to discourage global theft of items and handy personal stuffs for whatever reason, creating a space that is significantly free of theft. As we all know, the common reason why people steal is to sell stolen stuffs to make little coins. Theft thrives because people don’t have any real time means of checking if the items being proposed for sale are stolen. So they just buy. Some unlucky ones fall victim of police brutality if eventually the item is discovered to be stolen.

You can imagine what would happen to anyone who is being arrested by the Police for being in possession of a stolen smartphone or tablet or any other item. The trauma is better imagined than experienced.

The initiative behind ForteReg.com is basically designed to electronically warehouse information of valuables (luxury and non luxury) belonging to registered members be it individual or corporate such that information about stuffs and ownership can easily be accessed, verified and confirmed.

Our primary objective?

We just want you to be happy, we want you to feel safe with your gadgets, we want you to be able to recover your gadgets even if you left it in a coffee shop down the street, we want to stop people from stealing and reselling our gadgets, smart phones, tablets etc. Above all, we want to create a free world where we can all feel free to connect and use our mobile gadgets without fear of losing it to hoodlums. In US alone, reports show that over 3 million smartphones were stolen in the year 2013. Guess where it all ended up! in the hands of unsuspecting individuals craving for the new world of technology.

We can stop it NOW, it takes a few steps, starting with registration and coming on board. Step by step, we will create the better world we all wanted.

Join today, be a ForteReger.